Twenty years back, the Council of Nine decided to expand Ptolus’ influence by establishing a colony on a newly discovered continent. Four ships were sent to make the foundations for this new colony: the Royal Oak was a military ship carrying soldiers, weapons, and the like; the Constellation was a supplies ship carrying food, hatchets, tents, etc. It was by far the safest and most reliable ship; the Bonny Way-Maker carried 100 colonials and basic provisions for the trip there; the Commissar’s Collateral carried a team of 10 mages, 10 clerics, and 50 citizens. They arrived as planned and immediately set up a thriving colony. Their success was due mainly to the inclusion of spell-casters on the voyage, who were able to keep a fresh supply of food always available.

However, the colonials were not the first ones to come to this continent. The natives here are comprised of a fierce tribe of lhosk. They lived in relative peace; but then, just before the colonials arrived, a Bar l’gura demon arrived with a small army of doppelgangers. Over the past fifteen years, they have been taking over the colony bit by bit. Their process is a slow but effective one; killing a family and taking their form, adopting their mannerisms to fit those of the colonials.

The entire colony was recently wiped out when an active volcano nearby erupted, killing everyone still there.

The only two survivors were carried out before the lava swept through:


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