Ex-PC, Mindflayer, warlord


The Urthon Aedar foresaw that that the Mindflayers would eventually rise up and enslave every other sentient race. They sent a group of elite warriors down to kill the leader of the Mindflayers (Dana). Using epic level energy drain spells they reduced his Hit Dice to 1. They were almost able to kill him, but were stopped at the last second by Dana’s Elite guards. As a final act of desperation, a wizard wiped the mind of the leader as another teleported him to the surface near where the Urthon Aedar had their base of operations (Ptolus).

Once there he ran into a psyco vampire and a confused palidan. They gave him a twisted sense of “Good”, which caused him to revert to his intinctual, evil ways. He used a spell to gain control of the vampire, to use him for dark deeds. Unfortunately for him, the guard raided [[Dana’s basement]]. He was able to twart them momentarily, but fled anyway. His desperate actions soon attracted the attention of powerful beings who apprehended him.


Ptolus- City by the Spire DaPwnzlord