Ptolus- City by the Spire

Tournament Day Cometh and Leaveth

Tournament Day was a fun little side adventure. The PCs each entered a series of competitions designed to test their characters’ abilities. Most notable were the Spell Challenges and Single Combat fights.

In the Spell Challenges, Jacques faced off against Filrion Calistar, the mayor of Roanoke. After an intense duel Filrion ended up the loser. Upon his revival, he stabbed Jacques with a dagger before casting a spell to escape.

At the end of the Single Combat fights, Lord Dorant Khatru entered the arena unarmed and naked to fight Andriel. The fight was over in two rounds. Lord Khatru was, however, impressed with Andriel’s abilities and presented him with the title of Champion.

At the awards ceremony the Commissar gave a speech which was as follows:

“People of Ptolus, citizens of the empire, those that stand before you represent not only their own strength, but the strength that lies within every man, woman and child. As you have probably heard rumors, it should come as little surprise to you that the barbarian hoards of the wild Northlands are, indeed, marching upon Ptolus.I am sorry to cast a pallor on this beautiful day, but I must be honest, for that is how I have always led you. We received word just this morning that Tarsis has, again, been taken and that the barbarians number in the tens of thousands. It is now, that I ask all of you to look inside yourselves and find that strength. We have time to prepare.

Thankfully, our scouts say that the barbarians have paused in their destruction. For what reason, we do not know, but it is estimated that we have at least two months before they arrive at our gates. Over the next month some of you may be asked to serve your fair city in preparations. You will do as instructed, even if it is not in your best interests. A full page of instructions will be provided to all citizens, including the Crier’s Guild, including conscripts for the newly-formed City Militia. Now, if we can, let us turn to our attention back to heroes of the day.”

After that, three Vai Assassins attacked the Commissar, but were stopped by the quick actions of the PCs.

Next came a Four Month time skip in which Andriel travelled to the fabled city of Ghostwalk to bring Arkavor back. Arkavor returned as a ghost.

The first order of business was to explore Dwarvenhearth using Neveran’s All-Key to get in. They encountered a group of dwarves, left behind when the place was sealed. They captured one who now travels with them. His name is Thorgrim.



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